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1. Why should I pick Paint Sutra over a branded paint company offering wall painting services?

For starters, the Paint Sutra team is made up of professionals who have been in the painting services industry for over two decades. The carefully trained team is armed with modern painting-automation tools and cutting-edge IT infrastructure; all the things needed to give that special occasion for which you are getting your home and office done up, more than a special touch.

2. How is Paint Sutra better than a local painter?

There are several reasons why picking Paint Sutra is a better idea. Paint Sutra provides professional painting services following a detailed and time-tested painting process. We choose top paint brands, take ample care in handling your furniture, maintain cleanliness of the site, follow hygiene and Covid protocols, complete projects within agreed timeline... These are usually not rendered by the local contractors. Moreover, our Paint Sutra App helps our customers to remotely monitor the project in a transparent manner.

3. What are the different types of painting jobs Paint Sutra offers?

Our portfolio of services comprises Interior and Exterior Painting, Surface Treatment (viz. damp proofing, masonry work, heat proofing, floor coating). Specialized painting is our true passion and these include installing Wall-Arts like Graffiti, Surface Textures, Wallpapers, Wall-Murals, Doodles, et al.

4. Do you have a tie-up with any specific paint brand?

We use all top paint brands, wallpapers, etc. available in the Indian market. Customers can choose one or more brands of their choice for the painting assignment.

5. What is the painting cost per square feet on an average?

The painting cost (per sft.) is dependent on several factors like the type of surface, effort needed to prepare the walls before the actual painting begins, type of paints, the brand of paints, the number of coats (base + top), etc. Different aspects will result in different rates. Also, our painting experts will also factor in things like surface damp and undulation and offer the most value-for-money estimates.

6. Will the Paint Sutra team come and take measurements before giving an estimate?

Certainly. They will reach your address with leaser meters, damp meters, etc. to assess the actual paintable area of your home and office. Based on the measurements taken, the condition of your walls, and the paint brand of your choice, our Algos will determine the cost of the project.

7. How do I book an appointment?

To book just give us a missed call on 9700226666; ANYTIME of the day. You will get an SMS as confirmation of your request and our team members will call you back for details. The other thing that you could do is chat with 'Rani' your personal assistant on paintsutra.com

8. Is there a consultation fee?

Yes, a nominal fee of Rs. 300/- is charged. Once the project is finalized, the consultation fee gets reimbursed.

9. If I don’t like a shade of paint?

Before we paint a complete wall, we paint a small patch with the colour you selected initially. If you don’t like the shade, we can make amends in the shade.

10. If I don’t like a colour combination as it appears on the wall, can I change it midways?

If the wall colours are not liked midways, we can certainly change them. There will be cost implications and timelines may have to be revisited.

11. How soon will I get wall painting estimate?

Once we have taken all the measurements we initiate the estimation process which takes roughly 4 hours.

12. How soon can the work get started?

Within 48 hours of receiving the initial payment as per the agreed estimate and corresponding terms and conditions (unless you want it later).

13. Can you help me decide which colour / type of paint to go in for?

Absolutely. That is exactly why we are here for you. Once we know what your requirements are, our experts will help you choose the paint. You can also ask for a ‘Colour Visualization Service’ which our Colour Masters will be happy to provide, at an additional cost.

14. Will Paint Sutra take care of only damp issues on my walls?

Yes, of course. We undertake damp and roof leakage treatments separately. Before painting any of interior and exterior walls, we undertake thorough inspection of the walls and undertake masonry work and damp treatment wherever necessary.

15. Exterior wall painting is little critical; can Paint Sutra take up such assignments?

We have special teams to undertake exterior painting assignments. We do not compromise with the security and safety procedures mandatory for such projects. We recommend and use advanced Teflon coated paints (from top manufacturers like Asian Paints, Berger Paints, etc.) to provide extra shine and longevity to exteriors.

16. Will coating the roof with special paint or chemical prevent seepage and damp during rains?

Yes, special paints and chemicals are available for treating recurring problems like damp, seepage, etc. We have a separate team to handle these issues. Top brand of chemicals that we use, do the needful.

17. Do you have animal-friendly paints?

We use both environment and human-friendly paints manufactured by some of India’s largest paint companies. If you wish, international pet-friendly paint brands can be sourced by us.

18. Are the paints you use environment and health-friendly?

Offering environment-friendly and safe paints is almost a mandate now days. Our pick of brands has those that are both environment-friendly and VOC free.

18 Are the paints you use children-friendly?

Children and scribbles on the walls! Yes, we know you don’t want your house to start looking the way it was before you started the painting process. Most major brands these days offer a range of paints that are easy to clean and washable. We can help you pick one.

19. There is a wedding in my family in 10 days; I need very quick turnaround time. Can you help?

Oh yes. We are used to with short notices and tight schedules.

20. What safety protocols do you follow; COVID and otherwise?

At Paint Sutra we check the temperature of our workers and ensure they are masked before sending them off to the project location. They are trained in all Covid protocols. Uniforms enable easy identification and masking tapes and polymer covers are provided to safeguard your things from accidental spillage.

21. Will there be someone to supervise the process?

Absolutely. Our on-site supervisors will ensure that each project is being executed as per the set procedures and processes. Additionally, we have an app, the Paint Sutra Mobile App which helps track the process. It is especially useful if you are tracking the process long distance.


How it works

  • The project and per day scope of work (sub-processes) is outlined.
  • Our painters upload pictures to confirm successful completions of work every day.
  • YOU, confirm these if the progress is valid.
  • Our team gets bonus points.
  • In case of deviations from the agreed plan or other issues, you can escalate the matter to out admin.
  • 24X7 ‘remote’ monitoring of assignment is possible.

22. Is there a quality assurance or warranty?

Yes, we provide warranties (except for Damp Treatment) for both interior and exterior painting work carried out by Paint Sutra. However, the duration of warranties varies depending on the brand and type of paint being used.

23. What is the mode of payment?

All mode except cash is accepted. One can use Draft, Cheque, Bank Transfers, UPI and Cards, to make payments.

24. Is there a refund policy?

Yes. If you cancel the project 3 days before work commences you get 90% refund of the amount paid. If you cancel the project after the work has commenced, you don’t get any refund.

25. How soon will I get my refund?

If refund is allowed, it will be paid out within 2 working days.

26. How long should a freshly painted room be aired before occupancy?

Rooms painted with new-age paints from reputed manufacturers are ready-to-use almost immediately. However, in special cases if a customer is sensitive to allergens, one needs to assess the situation before entering a freshly painted room. Such customers should notify Paint Sutra in advance.

27. What CSR Programmes has Paint Sutra undertaken?

Paint Sutra carries out free painting of classrooms of resource crunched schools and those that provide free education to the underprivileged. In the near future we plan to extend this initiative to orphanages and select old age homes. We are privileged to have several artists from art colleges as volunteers for adding their special touch to walls.

To scale-up these initiatives across multiple towns and locations, we seek support from our patrons. To know more about these programmes, and to help us make it a success, please write to csr@paintsutra.com

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