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We value hygiene and safety

We value hygiene and safety

Little things can make a world of a difference to the painting experience. Like not having to ask anyone to follow Covid safety protocols. Or checking them for leaving the place in a mess. We have identified the commonest problems and tried to address them during the team’s training.

The usual problems:
  • Not particular about Covid protocols.
  • Spitting.
  • Using the home owner’s washroom.
  • Ignoring house rules.
  • Material loss.

Paint Sutra's Hygiene and Safety Promise

  • Covid protocols a must.
  • Uniforms provided for easy identification and safety.
  • Training given in case workers have to use the toilets on the premises.
  • Strict instructions given to follow house rules.
  • Assurance against material loss.
  • Complaints addressed swiftly via App.
  • On-site and remote control via the Paint Sutra App.


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